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What Do You Need To Succeed?
...do you know what it takes to "make it" this time?
IF IT'S TO BE, IT'S UP TO ME (Or actually, YOU) ...

...you are what this whole Fitness "thing" is really about!

So, what do you "need"  to get the best chance at real change?
Encouragement? Support? Private Training? 
 Motivation? Professionalism? Empathy, NOT Sympathy?
Decades of Experience? Patience? Inspiration?  Accountability? Nutrition? Sport-specific Conditioning? 
Want An Exercise Facility; NOT a Social Club? 
Want Life-time Results, NOT Life-long Contracts?
Your needs are personal - so should your approach be.
Personal Training should be Safe, Fun & Effective.
If You know what you Need to Succeed, we can help.
Call us at (815) 243-6824 to learn more.
Give us a call at
(815) 243-6824
Carrie Hall
Jim Hall
C.E.O.s - Chief Exercise Officers
"Not just Goal Oriented, but Results Oriented."
(Behind every great man... well, you know the rest)
  - Carrie Hall ; She said...
"Men may assume the role of "Head-of-Household", but it's we Women who wear so many HATS! 
As a Cert. Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Self-Defense Instructor, Mother-of-2, Step-Mom & Wife, my life is all about CHANGE. As we change(Age) our needs change. My purpose @ Physical Difference is to help You set & reach flexible, realistic, rewarding goals. Work hard to feel good. Ya' gotta Work-out to feel good, even when you don't feel like it .It's ALL about CHANGE; Habits & Lifestyle. Not just “Goal” oriented, we're “Results” oriented !
"Making the Most of Every Workout, Every Time!"
(A Founder's Mission Statement)
Jim Hall ; He Said...
I began 40lbs overweight. I became a student of the exercise industry and have, over the last 30+ years, served as everything from Instructor to YMCA Training Mgr to G.M. at some of California’s innovative fitness facilities. I’ve seen fads come and go. I know too many well intended Americans start & struggle through confusing exercises; some successfully, but most with more failure than fitness. My job is to turn common disappointment into Determination with professionalism, commitment, support and reliability... every workout!

Didjano? (Did U Know)
Regular Exercise for 6 months literally changes your DNA and can increase fat burning on a cellular level by 44%?
Using a Diary for weight loss purposes can DOUBLE the success for a person's perceived efforts !
Since the first incarnation of PHYSICAL-DIFFERENCE 
opened in 1998, we've been trusted to provide safe, fun workouts to Stateline residents over 37,000 times!
“I am goal oriented… 
I feel good after working out and wouldn’t change anything. 
The variety is also important to reduce monotony. 
Most important, you need 
someone you trust to stay focused on your individual strengths, weaknesses 
and needs.” 
Gordon N.

The Cure for The Common Gym.
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Over 30 Years of Staff Experience
Your Safe and Sane Approach to Fitness Results
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