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F.E.A.R. = Fight.Escape.Avoid. Report. ...
That simple, in that order, Learn in just
ONE Class to Save Your Life !
  • Leverage, Techniques and Timing that are EZ to Learn
  • Based on Skills from Law Enforcement and  M.M.A.
  • Taught ONLY to Women in a Safe way & Fun format

1-on-1 PERSONAL TRAINING that makes You your own Best Trainer

  • Certified, Experienced and Committed to Your Safety
  • Individually Customized Programs and Instruction
  • Specializing in "Challenging" cases. Post-Rehab improvement, Your Aches and Pains don't frighten us and our Methods are well suited for "Mature" Clients concerns (we're 50+ ourselves)
  • You Dream It, You Dare It, We Help You DO It!
Body-MEKANIX Small Group Instruction 
  • Small group means "small" - Max.6 Students per class
  • Multi-discipline Methods taught by our Personal Trainers, from Tabata to Bosu, from Myo-Fascial to Muscle Confusion, Flexibility to FUN-ctional Fitness
  • Like sharing your own Personal Trainer with a few friends and at the same time learning how hard you can work... SAFELY!

Activity-Based/Sport Specific Conditioning
  • Amaze Friends and maybe even Surprise Yourself by actually getting better with age and experiencing fewer injuries by approaching your favorite activity with a body tuned to perform 
  • R.O.M. work, Core-Board Balance work, Cable-enhanced Movement Simulation and good old fashioned Conditioning 
  • Virtually EVERY Sport's Top Performers Workout with Professional Instruction to Improve their Performance... Now it's your turn
The Cure for The Common Gym.

Come Visit our All New Facility 
Now in Highcrest Centre... Across from Edgebrook
Over 40 Years of Staff Experience
Your Safe and Sane Approach to Fitness Results